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Staying in School

Connecticut State Department of Education

School Is Here No Matter What


Learn more about how Connecticut schools support students experiencing homelessness at:   https://portal.ct.gov/SDE/Homeless-Student-Support


I’ve been moving around a lot.
Do I have to change schools every time I move?

If you were kicked out of your house, ran away from home, are staying in a shelter or with another family because your family lost their housing, staying in a motel, hotel, trailer park, or camping ground, or have no place to live, you have rights as a homeless student.


There is someone called a Homeless Liaison in your school district who can help. Click here to find out who to call.


To read about your rights, click here. You can also find out more about your rights and resources at youth-help.org.

I just got out of lock-up and want to go back school.

If you need to know what to do to get back into school, click on one of these links:

If you are 17 or younger, click here.  If you are 18 or older, click here.

Can I go to college if I’m moving around a lot?

Find information on help for youth who are homeless here: Federal Aid for Homeless Students 

More information is also on the NAEHCY website (National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth)

CSCU and DSS offer free classes to anyone eligible for SNAP at 12 community colleges. If you qualify for SNAP, you can complete relevant coursework free, in over 60 programs including Advanced Manufacturing, Allied Health and Emergency Medical Response. Click here for information.

My school wants me out.

“Push-out” happens when schools encourage students to withdraw voluntarily, often without telling them about their right to stay in school or providing extra help to do better in school. This can happen many different ways. Click here to read more.

I can’t take the bullying anymore.

If a student or students repeatedly make fun of you or threaten or embarrass you, the law calls this bullying. If it happens through texting, Facebook, or any social media or internet site, that is called “cyber-bullying.” Not sure if you are being bullied, or what to do if you are? To read more click here.

I am so frustrated in school. What can I do?

If you have tried and tried but you still cannot learn, you might need special education services. That means an education plan written just for you so that you can learn. To read more about what services you might be able to get, click here.

Check this link for messages from kids who skipped a lot of school.