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Covid-19 Resources

Access to Food during COVID: Where can I go to get food?





















Moratorium on Rent and Evictions: What will happen if I don’t pay my rent?










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Moratorium on Utility Payments: What will happen if I don’t pay my utility bill?



















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Electronic Stimulus Checks How do I get my stimulus check?



These are the links from the video information:

This fact sheet gives you all the information from the video (Baker McKenzie)
Who should you ask for help? Ask one of the providers listed here or call us.


Food Resources

Call 2-1-1 InfoLine for places closest to you.

Applications and questions by phone: WIC offices in Connecticut

Food Stamps (SNAP)
Applications online at connect.ct.gov/access/jsp/access/Home.jsp, or call 2-1-1. 

Free or Reduced-Cost Meals for Students
Schools are providing meals to their students. Check the websites or call 2-1-1. 


New Britain

New Haven 


Plan by School District Each district updates their own information. Links above may have more recent information.  


Other Food Resources