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Meet Our Team

If you need help, please call us at (860) 570-5327 or (203) 335-0719.
You can also email us at speakupteens@cca-ct.org. Please do not include any information that is confidential.


Sending us an email does not mean that we are your lawyers.
We will read the information you send and will contact you to learn more.


Remember, our help is free, but we can help only with legal issues in Connecticut.


For information about help in other states, contact the National Runaway Safeline.

We want to help.


Stacey Violante Cote (She/Her)

I am a lawyer and my job is to advocate for teens who are facing problems that make it hard to finish school. Sometimes, the law can help with those problems. That’s where I come in.


I worked from a legal clinic in a high school for a few years. I’ve worked with many teens who had to move around a lot because of a bad situation at home, or because their family has no place to live. This can cause problems at school, too.


I work with LGBT youth, teen parents, and with teens who are new to this country – and many of them are trying to make it on their own. I use the law to help teens at school, in court (but not criminal or delinquency courts), and to help teens know what their rights are.


One thing you can expect from me is honesty. I’ll tell you if I think the law can help and how, even if the answer is not what you wanted to hear. I know you’re making big decisions in your life and I want you to have the right information to make those decisions. Remember that our help is free and confidential. sviolante@cca-ct.org


Mallory James Sanchez (they/she)

Many of the teens and young adults I work with are having problems at home or school. They may be getting bullied or harassed, dealing with discrimination, or trying to find a safe place to stay. I am a lawyer, which means I can help you understand and advocate for your legal rights. 


I work with a lot of LGBTQ+ youth and youth with disabilities. I can help you understand what your rights are if you need medical care or help with mental health and are making decisions on your own. I can also help you know what your rights in school are as a queer or trans student or a student with a disability. 


When I was a teen, adults and courts made a lot of big decisions for me and I didn’t get a say. I want to help young people have a voice and the tools to advocate for themselves. I will work with you to support your goals. msanchez@cca-ct.org